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Pvp ladders

24 December 2022 - 09:51

so looking at the level rangers i think the pvp ladder should be 5000-6000 plus atm you have 3 ladders 

5000-5499 and then 5500-6000 theres only one player at that range. he doesnt even have a ladder medal so your gonna let him get a free ladder medal? in epics? and then 6000 plus, yes hes a pvp but hes the only guy at 6000 so he can sit there all year in epics trying selling his 60m gold for fsp at 150k pre fsp. he wouldnt be able to that if you made one ladder for 5000-6000 plus. this just seems totally rats and bannanas to let players farm pvp tokens to get richer. if the guy who has 60m was on same ladder as the 5000 ladder he get hit. and couldnt stay in epics. 

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