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#1009636 A new Idea

Posted by Belaric on 13 August 2023 - 18:54

I think this would be a fun way to reinvigorate the game for long-time players. It may be too development heavy to be done though - new classes and gear for those classes (like in SS) would be a lot of work. It would be great to have a way to play back through the game in different classes, with new class specific gear, class specific quests, enemies and story lines inserted into existing content, to make it new each time through, but that is a ton of new content to be created, and ultimately will it pay back the investment in time and resources for HCS? They'd need to do a feasibility study. 


Given we aren't getting some upgrades to chests and arena that have been asked about forever, I think a radical overhaul (essentially creating a new game as a continuation of the old) like this is unlikely to fly.


We can dream though! I like it.

#1008424 No payments of Fallen Shards in the app

Posted by BigGrim on 30 September 2022 - 12:00

Hi there.


This is a known issue. We're investigating. Your best bet is to take such reports to the Support Team: 




~ Grim

#1008422 Game Issues.

Posted by BigGrim on 30 September 2022 - 11:55

Hi there everyone.
We've recently had some work done behind the scenes in Fallen Sword. This has resulted in several bugs, such as unkillable Titans and the Top 100 Players list being broken, as well as the problems with Shard Ads on the app. We are aware of some of the issues and are investigating. In the case of Iklilian, the Seasonal Titan, we'll extend her time out in the Realms once we've resolved the problem.
However, we ask that if you have found additional bugs and issues, whether, in the browser or the App, you provide a Support Ticket detailing the bug/s with as much data as possible. Things like what you were doing at the time to trigger the issue, any error message or report that you receive and screenshots of the problems. This makes finding and fixing the bugs much easier for the investigating guys. 
Thank you and we apologise for the inconvenience.
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1008378 Reign of Rosmeriat III

Posted by BigGrim on 22 September 2022 - 15:39

Reign of Rosmeriat IIIHi there Everyone.

Tired of her life in the Web of Chaos, the gargantuan cosmic spider - Rosmeriat - left the void to lay claim to the lands of Erildath. Her children follow her like soldiers to a queen, laying waste to all that is living, and paving the foundations for her new world-shattering empire.
Brother Richard requires your presence at the Cathedral of Ways! The Quest, "Reign of Rosmeriat" awaits you! For those who have completed the quest, remember you can buy a replacement Void Ring from "Sister Gillians Miscellany" in the Cathedral of Ways (Storage).Sister Gillian is also stocking two brand new Epic Recipes. All items used in these recipes have been removed from the Auction House and returned to their owners.

Cosmic Spider (Level 25)



Counts as 1 kill.

Dark Cosmic Spider (Level 25)



Counts as 5 kills.

Iklilian of the First Brood (Titan) (Level 2200)



Counts as 5 kills.
The latest Global Event in Fallen Sword is now underway! In the Event, the Community must work together to destroy the Cosmic Spiders infesting the Realms.
Each player must earn a personal target for increasingly powerful potion rewards (mouse over the event info on the World page for more details) while also helping the Community to attain the best total kills possible, unlocking the rewards for all.
Additionally, if you end the event in the Top 100 Contributors, you will receive 1 extra Nebulous Ruby Chest on top of what the Community unlocks!
There is a helpful forum post RIGHT HERE full of information on Global hunting grounds and so on compiled from the Community by Egami.
The Global Event shall be live until 15:30 (Server time) on the 27th of September 2022.
Iklilian of the First Brood (Titan) shall be live until 15:30 (Server time) on the 4th of October 2022.
Good luck everyone!
~ The Fallen Sword Team

#1008012 General Suggestion

Posted by Tenkei on 19 July 2022 - 04:20

I am hoping to get their attention. I am learning Javascript. I want to see this game maintained I really like it and want the faces customizable, and more. Trust me. It is the players that make the game to me, not the game makers. To inspire each other, indeed.

#963843 Development Update

Posted by Debrutsid on 02 June 2016 - 04:11

but i will try to keep it pg-13.  I have played hunted cow games for 12 frieking years.  this is not news to me. but this saddens me to the point where i want to get my tattoo removed...... YOU REMEMBER THAT????? 
AS far as i know I AM THE ONLY ONE TO GET A TATTOO that represents your company.  Andrew Mullholland and Glen (i forget your name_)  i am most disappointed in you.  NOT THE PLAYERS.  this is an awesome game.  and instead of making updates you made fluff.  Now, i still enjoy the fluff, but there should never be a true end game to an mmorpg that wants to survive, and you STILL haven't brought out level 50.......  
Is there some mystical numerology stuff that makes you guys afraid of 5?  Gothador never got a 5th tier update (we did, but it was like they put two janitors in a room to come up with a 5 star meal.  with what was available in the janitor closet.....
I still love this company, and i will not get the tat removed unless you guys do something reaaaaaaly stupid.  like elect trump in scotland.....   but for god's sake.... this was supposed to be your flagship.  
I know FS is your moneymaker.  tho to be honest i would rather play CoD  and i hate call of doody.
you lost p[layers just like you did with gothador.  you promised one thing.  then did something completely different, or just kept saying.  oh it is coming.......
i mean *^_)^!!!!!!1 I actually paid for like 3 months of supporter and BARELY logged in.  that is how much i love this game and company.  So please, ANDREW...... get back to your roots. pay attention to this game.....

#987243 Development Update

Posted by kidref on 12 November 2017 - 20:35

wish list 2017

lv 50 cap (but no stats like we always lose dammage/haste/crit/doge)
lv 49/50 dung
lv 49/50 Eldevin kite shild


who can send it to santa?

#955177 Guild suggestions

Posted by davidutz on 15 December 2015 - 00:19

1 . make a % of gold from  normal drop go in guild bank 


2. it will be nice to see  a list with how much each player contributed to the guild  in :

      a ) exp 

      b ) gold from mob drop 

      c ) gold from deposits 

      d ) EP from deposits 


in a new window or some how included ,  for all guild or only for founder to see 


3. add Inspect to right click 


4. I now guild vault  is coming .. but PLS PLS  PLS  hurry





P.S.  PLS PLS PLS hurry with guild vault   :)



Thank you in advance



#865207 Introduce cows in game - future dairy food recipes

Posted by Steelfalcon on 25 April 2014 - 16:54



I noticed no cows present on farms. Maybe players can milk cows to produce milk needed for future food recipes.


Also chickens can lay eggs for food recipes too, players can just feed the chickens and wait for the eggs to be produced.



#846518 Changes to Favor F2P Players

Posted by Mongo on 05 February 2014 - 13:56

The only thing a free to play player can not obtain, is the items in the loyalty section.


Everything else can be obtained by free to play players, they just need to work for their rewards!  :D


From my point of view this game is already fully free to play. All you pay real $ for really is convenience and shiny stuff that does not affect game play  :)

#861003 HCS, please show Tanks some love

Posted by HuMoR on 08 April 2014 - 02:18

Eh I'd say this tbh...split heavy armors between support heavy armor for templars and assault heavy armor for warriors and then throw a talent set in you can spec into for durability loss,for when support heavy armor is equipped,and make it deep into the talents so it cant be abused by warriors :)

#859168 Best Suggestions for April.

Posted by Mongo on 01 April 2014 - 12:05

End game is level 50, we are yet to see what there is to do at end game. Not everyone will like this game and stick around, that is personal choice. The game is still evolving and improving with each update. Once the content is added, you think the devs will just stop and sit back to relax? I don't think so. I think that will be the time when we see some major changes and improvements to certain aspects that need attention.


Just enjoy the game for what it is for now, watch it evolve, help it along the way if you can. If people quit, then so what? that is normal on every game ever made I think?


New players will join, old players may return, we are in at the start and part of the Eldevin journey... enjoy it!  :D

#857992 Maelstorm needs a nerf before level 45 content arrives

Posted by DungeonRider on 27 March 2014 - 11:39

I really (?) cant understand where this all "please nerf" coming from...


First there is "we're (he is) too strong, please nerf this and that" and later everyone will meet in cave

and find that "omg before we could make this cave in 20 min now we cannot even pass 1st boss"


Couldnt it be rather "please power up this and that ?"  - instead ?

#857734 Maelstorm needs a nerf before level 45 content arrives

Posted by HuMoR on 26 March 2014 - 19:25

Can't agree with this post sorry...by that armored logic you are then saying that prophets should be able to out dps warrior just because they have light armor. The whole concept of light,med,heavy armor is suiting a class by its actual style,not to change the outcome of DPS. 

#857974 Bot solution

Posted by Mongo on 27 March 2014 - 10:22

I would like to see instant perma bans for players caught botting, currently you are free to bot as much as you like knowing that if you get caught you will just go to jail the first time. :(

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