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Calling All Fragment Farmers (and Buyers)

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#21 Egami



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Posted 12 June 2016 - 02:15

with the pro's in this post what is the best way to start a frag hunting business 

yot's 20 post might be helpful. 


Personally, it's rough for me to give you advice. I spent more than two years building up my buyer base. 


Several no longer buy. Some still do.


Personally, I no longer advertise except in my bio. 


If I, on the sell-side, were to give you advice it would be how I arranged it since the beginning:


Dedicate yourself to it. That's really it. 


It's the nutshell of why people come to me. Indeed, be ready to not do anything else. That does NOT mean you're stuck in game just farming... it just means that you need to be there for your buyers. 


I "think" the reason people buy from me is 1) because they know I'm trustworthy and, more importantly 2) because they know I'll be there for them. 


I did do a huge thing to run others out of the business. Now my prices are not really competitive in the sense that they are not the "cheapest". That said, I think they're more than reasonable. 


EOC will advertise once in a while... I urge my buyers to take advantage. They have access to 5 frag items and I only have 4. I have pmed my buyers when I see the offer.


The problem, or so I guess, there is that they advertise for a short time frame. 


In short, cheaper is obviously "better". However, dedicated is, long-term, much better.


I "think" my buyers buy from me because they know I take care of them. Really, that's it.

Done being treated as a slave by those only out for money.



#22 RsMember


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Posted 30 October 2016 - 20:33

I will farm and sell any and all shards anyone may ever need.


Some information:


I have 60 BP spaces, 40 of which are always open.

All of my items will be worth 3 shards each.

Prices are to be determined by the current market prices.


I hope to talk to you in game!

#23 Thoran



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Posted 25 June 2019 - 18:35

Great thread.


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