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Gathering/Crafting boredom dissolving.

24 December 2013 - 02:41

Im posting this which is an old comment of mine which is situated in the official suggestions thread that seems no longer active. I am not sure if I´m allowed to do this, but im doing this because I firmly believe that gathering and crafting do NEED something to break the boredom of grinding. Im copying and pasting this old post of mine into its own thread because as Ive seen latelly, people are complaining of the boredom of grinding both crafting and gathering.


Random events would be nice to lower the repetitive boredom of crafting/gathering.


A chance to find a small amout of money -coin pouch- randomly while doing Foraging, Prospecting, Fishing, Crystal Cutting and Forestry.

A very small chance to get hit by your own tool -lowers a bit your hp- this would be to wake up some people.

While doing Farming, Foraging and Forestry you might have a small chance to get stung by bees -lowers a bit your hp-.

A low chance to get a knowledge rush in both gathering/crafting so the next item that you gather/craft gives double exp.

A small chance to get a container during fishing that might give a random item or some money.

A chance to get seeds back after harvesting your plot (Farming).

An extremelly rare chance during gathering to get an egg of any kind that later on might be hatched to get a pet.

A low chance to critically craft a piece of gear -slightly increases the main stat of the crafted item-. (not like the current random stats in the rare crafted gear)


The whole point for this is to make gathering/crafting less repetitive and boring (as it can be at high levels), and to attract players further into these activities, as theres people that see crafting and gathering just as time wasters.


Ive just slightly adjusted my post, If you wanna see the original post:




Graphically bugged heroic axe

18 December 2013 - 07:18

I got this axe today when grouping with Blue, at the Betex Void. Of course I was really happy when I got it, but it had this umpleasant surprise of having a graphical bug. As yyou can see in the screenshot, looks like my character is holding it at the middle of the handle and not really where it should be holding it, so at the same time it looks like its cleaving my head when I got it equipped. It needs some adjustment. would really appreciate if this gets fixed soon.


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