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RIP to the best portion of my fallensword career.

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#1 kisoku



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Posted 03 June 2019 - 04:23

I just want to say, That over the last 11 years, This forum has given me a lot of happiness surrounding this game. It pains me to say that im going to probably stop looking here as everytime i look the lack of activity actually brings me down. Im going to miss the graphics forums more then the next person, I miss the days that would allow us to all buy avatars from some of the best avatars and art. Where everyone was competing to get better. I was hoping id get a chance to one day make art that was as good as those that inspired me to try. I still don't feel there, and im at a time where the game is slowly going under. 

I want to say i love the graphics section, I love the game, and i will continue to make avatars in teh game as long as i can. 

But i believe the graphics forum is dead and with that being said i give ya'll a farewell on the forums atleast. 

Thank you every artist for the last 11 years. 

and to my biggest inspiration, DarkDyablo for making me want to start making art, I really do appreciate everything. 


You're still the best gimp artist ive ever met. 


And SlntScream For teaching me tricks when i was just a nobody, and a poor artist. If it wasn't for her i would of never made advancements as an artist.... Thank you for everthing you've done for me. 

So long



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#2 SlntScream



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Posted 03 June 2019 - 15:58

Unfortunately, the graphics forum is a casualty of the dwindling game population.


I do hope to see you around for future contests and/or tournaments.


Thank you for the many, many times you've tried to think of ways to revive our forums. Your positivity and enthusiasm is truly a breath of fresh air.


#3 DarkDyablo



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Posted 18 July 2019 - 19:47

I also agree with slntscream that the decline in forum activity is due to game activity, but I also believe majority of the the good artists have left and the newer artists that seem to take interest in graphic designing just want the easy way to gain some fsps. Sadly players fall for this and pay a price for a low quality avatar, and with the increase in Animated avatars players dont want high quality avatars but just gifs or simple animations that just move when you visit their page. 

regarding back to the good artists leaving and newer ones coming in, with the decline of the better artists I feel the inspiration to actually do good avatars or give someone inspiration to really delve into the graphics designing world and learning about colors, positioning, lighting, and etc.... has faded away.

Kisoku I always appreciate when newer artists look to me as one of their inspirations or reasons to start designing. It tells me that my handwork and long nights to learn this craft was not a waste. I also had a respect for another gimp artist and that was Lichblader not sure if you were around to know him.


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