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Legacy Updates

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#41 UnicornBob


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Posted 12 September 2014 - 16:00

Things said so far I agree with:
- Spectral items
Although I would say keep it as it was, every weekend they are released.
- New equips
I preferred Aaron's idea of getting av' gang equips too.
- New special NPCs
Not necessarily needed but would be a good way to introduce new equips, especially if we have a few it would mean people stop just hunting Ventrix every week (they'd have decide on which equip they most desire)
- Revamp market
I agree with Tyson, it could be updated in so many ways!

Things I really disagree with:

2) Fix the ease from getting from level 40 to 80.

  • People at level 100 shouldn't be attacking users at level 39-48. Make it truly: canYouHunt = (level/2) - 1 , for all levels after level 80. Make it harder to get to level 100.

This one though, have you seen the amount of XP needed to level up past 80? It starts to get ridiculous.
I agree it must suck for a level 40 getting one hit by an avatar but it's been part of the game even since before leveling past avatar (when people just wanted to boost their wins)
Plus their stats are no different to a level 80.

The other thing you should be able to do, is to purchase time served via currency.    this means  ability points need to be able to be purchased.     This is time honored system for  revenue generation in just about every game.  

Quick way to turn the game into a pay to win, I think that's what the community like most about Legacy.
Also what about people who've already finished training normally, unfair they've been denied if this was implemented purely because someone changed their mind on the stance Legacy takes.

#42 Rod


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Posted 14 September 2014 - 08:22

I've got a handful of small, simple suggestions that could help the game and should take little dev effort to implement.


Re. activity/engagement:

1. Add a visual indicator of some kind that you're elegible to vote for the game in the top game listings.

This is basically free publicity. LES has that functionality, for reference:



2. Along the lines above, add a visual indicator of some kind when your boosts are about to run out.

That way, you can buy a new one without letting your current boost lapse, likely increasing plat spend.


3. Somehow highlight on the forums at the top level when there's a new post for a given forum.

Probably easy to implement, and would likely encourage more forum activity since people can easily see there's a new post since they last visited the forum.


There's probably tons of other low-hanging fruit out there that would have a positive impact on engagement.


Re. gang balance:

Rather than assigning players randomly on sign-up, assign them based on which gang has the least amount of active members, providing a natural force for gang activity balance over the long term. For a more detailed discussion, see:


Gang balance has been a contentious issue for a while, and though I don't think this will fix all problems, I believe it can help, and should be easy to implement.


Re. developer communication/transparency:

Ani's thread about Legacy's future shows what happens when communication channels break down, and I think we would all appreciate an improvement in communication between devs and the community.




Meta-point: A lot of the things being discussed in this thread have been discussed in the suggestion forum. Perhaps we might benefit as a whole by having someone volunteer to summarize the top ideas brought up in the suggestion forum each month, and have you weight in on them?

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