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Entmenscht- Mercenary Warlord.

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Posted 16 December 2009 - 20:33

(I know writing isn't a big thing here but I like having a backstory anyway. And if anyone does want to make a storyline, that is the purpose of the whole mercenary deal, so PM me.)

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Name: Entmenscht


Infinity (Warrior), Fire Clan (War Chief), Beltaine Blade (Retired)

Dark Forest Mercenaries(Proprietor, Commander): A private army of Berserker Orcs, Siege Ogres, and Fire Clan Archers who's services are available to anyone at a price. While somewhat lacking in power, due to my skill in the craft of forging Orcish warriors they are fairly vast in number. Even against much stronger armies, they serve well as cannon fodder and are especially useful in misdirecting enemy armies so that a separate attack can be launched while their numbers are busy fighting my mercenary hordes in a strategically chosen location. Although this is very expensive and exhausting a tactic. If you need assistance with more than one battle it would best to use my services to stage small scale skirmishes and quick raid attacks against light outposts and economic targets. Contact me personally if you require my services.

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Posted 17 December 2009 - 21:25

Entmenscht is the most magical Titan. Fear the power!

Summon Spells:

Summon Ogre - Level 13/Max

Summon Rat - Level 10/Max

Summon Snowman -Level 5/Max

Summon Fairy Dragon - Level 1/15

Summon Crystal Fiend - Level 1/50

Summon Basilisk - Level 1/10

Fire Spells:

Meteor - Level 8/25

Multi Fireball - Level 5/Maxed

Transdimensionial Spells:

Energy Storm - Level 25/Maxed

Mind Melt - Level 5/Maxed

Overlord Ion Storm - Level 3/Maxed

Sonic Echo - Level 5/Maxed

Yvew Shards - Level 3/Maxed

Ice Spells:

Ice Shards - Level 2/13

Merds Frost Bite - Level 3/Maxed

Holy Spells:

Light Healing - Level 3/Maxed

Healing - Level 5/Maxed

Dark Spells:

Ethereal Stream - Level 15/Maxed

Lightning Spells:

Lightning Bolt - Level 3/10

Chain Lightning - Level 1/5

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Posted 17 January 2010 - 19:56

You successfully casted Update.

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