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Posted 31 March 2014 - 21:27

Update: As of August 25th 2020, I have updated all the images in this thread and now should be working again!



I've met a few players and friends who did not really understand how the Questbook works, or the storylines as well.


So this is an explanation of how the Questbook works, and to make some things clear about the questbook and the storylines.


Apologies for anything that is incorrect, please let me know and I'll fix it.


I have also made a Steam guide if you'd rather use that instead. :)






Before we begin the guide, here are some questions to assist you if you're looking for a specific answer! Please let me know if there's any questions to be added! 


What should I do if I chose the Choose Later option in the Quest Interface?


If you select "Choose Later" option, then the reward interface should re-appear when you log back into Eldevin.


Table of Contents:


1.) Quest Indicators

2.) Why Should You Quest?

3.) Storylines and Rewards

4.) Quest Journal

5.) Greyed Out Quests

6.) Quests and Questbooks

7.) Quest Chains

8.) Quest Library

9.) Naming System

10.) Daily/Weekly/Special Quests


Quest Indicators:


First things first, the colours of quest indicators are useful to know.




You can view this anytime in your tutorials, by clicking on this icon yNWck7v.png to open your tutorial screen.


Why Should You Quest?:


Questing offers rewards at the end such as exp to increase your character level, gear and weapons depending on the main questbook, jewelry, as well as gems and fusion powder.




While there are many kinds of quests, some of which are simple like to kill 10 creatures or to obtain 10 items, there are other quests that allows you to interact, problem solve and in a few - your choice can change the outcome of the quest.


Storylines and Rewards:


Before we get into the Quest Journal and the Quest Library, this tidbit is helpful to know while questing.


Following back on Eldevin's lore, your character is a member of the Lost Legion. When you completed the tutorial -- The Last Stand, you came to Eldevin with no memory of who you are after escaping the Void.


As a result of re-discovering who you once were, you can join both the Eldevin Army and the Arcane Sanctum. to see which class that you feel that you belong in - the Templar, the Warrior, the Assassian, the Ranger, the Mage, and the Prophet.


However it is not set in stone, you can choose where to put your attribute points and where to put your talent points - allowing you to create hybrid versions or pure versions.


You can also reset your attribute points and/or talent points if you wish by talking to a Combat Trainer and right clicking on them to select the "reset" option.


Note: You can also use the Talent Planner tool which allows you to plan out how many points you can put into each talent. Huge thanks to WowRefugee for creating the planner.  :D




There can be multiple storylines in a main questbook.


Some storylines such as "Curing the Plagued" and "Culling the Plagued" might seem very simliar but keep in mind that Curing the Plagued is the Arcane Sanctum version and Culling the Plagued is the Eldevin Army version of the storyline as indicated by the two main questbooks. More will be explained in the Quest Library section!




Don't forget that the rewards differ as well, as the Arcane Sanctum quests can give you mage-based gear and weapons while the Eldevin Army quests can give you melee/range weapons and gear of your choosing.


Note that if you select "Choose Later" option, then the reward interface should re-appear when you log back into Eldevin.


Quest Journal:


When you open the Questbook, the first thing you will see is your Quest Journal.




Your Quest Journal consists of a list of quests that you can do.


In descending order, quests are categorized by your level. Some quests require you to be a certain level before you can do them, but they are not shown in your journal unless quests are one level higher then your character's level.


You can also hide lower level quests or simply categorize them if you wish.




Just click on the box to hide quests below your account level. You can also click on the All dropbox to reveal more choices in which to categorize your quests.

If you run out of quests to do, there are still alternate ways to level up.
Doing story mode/group dungeons is most recommended. Other choices could be to grind on mobs around your level or train your professions.

Greyed Out Quests:

As you continue your progress in Eldevin, sometimes you will notice a quest that is greyed out, which can be seen either above the billboard, a NPC, or in your Quest Journal.
However there are a few different meanings...
Billboards with a grey ! or NPC's with a grey ! indicates that there is a quest you cannot learn yet, as there is a level requirement you have not fulfilled.






As you can see... my character's level is 23. I need to be level 24 before I can do these quests.




For the Quest Journal, sometimes you will see that there is a quest that is greyed out, even if you have the level to do it.




It means that you need to find the quest-giver that will give you that quest and they will have a yellow ! above their head. They may or may not be marked on the map.


Sometimes a quest is actually a questbook which will be explained in the next section!


If you're ever stuck on finding quest locations or what to do, there I'd recommend doing a google search "Eldevin Wiki 'Name of Quest'", or just click the link below.


Eldevin Wiki - Quests by level.


Note that you can also read the Quest Journal log - which should also help you to figure out what to do next. (If not sure how to view it, check out the Quest Library section).


Quests and Questbooks:


There are certain quests that will require you to finish the questbook before you can progess in the quest.


For example, a level 10 quest, "Service to the Council" will remain in your quest journal until you have completed the "Service to the Council" questbook as indicated in the description. 





The simliar names can be confusing. However to clarify once more.... as stated in the description, it will ask you to complete the questbook for that quest.


To view the questbook, click on the icon (shown by a red rectangle) while you are viewing the quest in your journal.




It will show you a list of quests that you need to complete in order to finish the questbook.




Note: This does not work for all quests.Some questbooks may be found elsewhere in the Quest Library... usually in a different main questbook. 


A Crimson Threat questbook is one example of where the actual questbook is located elsewhere.


To find the "A Crimson Threat" questbook, go to Quest Library, and choose "Valiant of the Kingdom" main questbook. Then click on the "A Crimson Threat" questbook to view a list of quests you can do.


While although "Service to the Council" may be a level 10 quest, sometimes the questbook requires you to be a certain level before you can even complete the questbook - known as a quest chain!


Quest Chains:


Some quests can be started at a certain level, but not completed until you have done the questbook or other quests that it may indicate in the description.


Even though a quest might be started at level 10, you might not fully complete the quest until you are level 25 due to the series of quests and their level requirements.


If you see a lower level quest that has not yet been completed, I'd check to see what is missing, sometimes it's a greyed out quest, sometimes you don't have the level requirement, sometimes you don't have the items needed etc.


Even though you may have completed all quests, some quest chains can still be continued in future updates.


Always come back to it later if you are unable to continue.  :)


Quest Library:




To access your Quest Library, there are two buttons beneath your questbook interface, click on the book.




The Quest Library helps you to keep track of which questbooks (indicated by the book icon) you have completed or not have completed.


It may seem daunting at first, but remember that you can hide all completed questbooks, and you can also search for quests as well.


This is why that the Quest Journal is recommended to be using, as it's easier to see which quests at lower levels you have not done.







1.)  Quest Library

2.)  Questbooks

3.)  Quests


It helps to refer to this legend. It will make more sense later on as I explain the naming system.


In your Quest Journal, select any quest.... and follow the steps below to learn how to navigate from the Quest Journal to the Quest Library! This is a much easier way to navigate rather than using the Quest Library.


If you click on the Quests icon...




It will take you to a list of quests in that questbook. It basically shows you your progress.




If you click on the Questbooks icon... this will occur.




This displays a list of questbooks that you can do which is apart of the Arcane Council Path - the main questbook.


If you click on the Quest Library icon... it will take you to a list of all the main questbooks.





The Naming System:


The icons, Quest Library, Questbooks, and Quests can be written out like this... just like in the picture I have shown you in the legend.


Quest Library > Questbooks > Quests


1.)  Quest Library

2.)  Questbooks

3.)  Quests


You can replace those words with this instead.


Arcane Council Path > Service to the Council > "Unsanctioned Magic"


1.)  Arcane Council Path is the main category.

2.)  Service to the Council is one of the sub categories.

3.)  Unsanctioned Magic is one of the quests listed in the "Service to the Council" questbook.


Other Examples:


Eldevin Army Path > Culling The Plagued > "The Vault"

Arcane Council Path > Curing The Plagued > "The Vault"



Eldevin Army Path and the Arcane Council Path will have simliar questbooks and quests as you are trying to rediscover who you are. It is so you won't be missing out if you just chose the Eldevin Army path.


Tales of Eldevin > First World Problems > "Underground Menance"


Valiant Of The Kingdom > A Crimson Threat > "Public Enemy"


Daily/Weekly/Special Quests:


There are some quests that can be repeated daily or weekly. There are also quests that are given during holiday or special events only. i.e Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Summer event.


Reputation Dailies: 
Currently, all reputation dailies are level 25 and is indicated by [Daily] next to it's name. You will get a token as a reward which can be turned in to the NPC next to the quest-giver. It will raise your reputation.
Wilderness: (Trapper's Atoll)
Elite Kill can be unlocked when entering Trapper's Atoll - but can only be complete once Plasma Lord spawns - and that you dealt damage. (If you died and dealt damage beforehand, the quest will be complete as long as you remain in TA).
Profession Dailies:

You will gain access to Profession dailies once you have completed these Profession quests (which are given from the Bulletin Board or may be found in your Quest Journal already).


The Profession Daily quests can be learned by talking to any tutor of a certain profession, which is usually found where you can train your professions. You can unlock more quests if you continue to raise your profession every 5 levels.




Benevolent Dungeoneer Daily:


This is a quest that you unlock once you are in a group dungeon - however the dungeon has to be lower then your current level, and you must be in a group larger than two people.


Hence the quest log reward description "You went out of your way to help less experienced dungeoneers!".




Bochdaen Tombs/Rumble's Grotto Weekly:


The following quests can be completed weekly. Note that it cannot be done in story-mode.


Rumble's Grotto:


Shatter Their Pride

Crystal Survey

Crystal Warriors

Yielding Crystal


Bochdaen Tombs:


Bound Souls

Cloven Warriors

Death Silk

Sign of Evil


World Boss Weekly Quests:


Monkeying About

The Ancient Spellweaver

To Slay A Dragon

An Open Crypt

Thoravia Rampage


Special Quests:






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Posted 01 April 2014 - 00:14

Really good job!  This should save several repeated questions.

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Posted 01 April 2014 - 01:10

Really good job!  This should save several repeated questions.

lol you would think but most that ask the repeated questions tend to not even bother looking for answers first :) ;)

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Posted 01 April 2014 - 02:27

Good job , Thanks a lot

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Posted 01 April 2014 - 06:47

Nice. Your time and effort to help new folks to the game is noted and greatly appreciated. :)

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Posted 01 April 2014 - 12:42

This topic should be stickied.  Thanks for posting this.

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Posted 02 April 2014 - 10:52

wow amazing work!

make this sticky

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Posted 04 April 2014 - 10:18

This is a really well written guide! Thank you. Stickied :D

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 09:29


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Posted 09 April 2014 - 09:38

Good job there !

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Posted 29 April 2014 - 20:21

Fantastic writeup!  As a new player this is so helpful.  Kudos. :D

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Posted 14 May 2014 - 14:34

Brilliant guide Spirit, good job! biggrin.png

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Posted 17 June 2014 - 22:18

Thanks, glad it has helped some so far :)


I realized I forgot to include weekly quests - not much information right now but I plan to include a few more weekly quests as examples so people will be more aware of what they are and where they can be found.  :)




If there is anything missing or something you'd like to see added, let me know. I try to keep the guide up to date with new information from the latest content. 

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#14 Lady Zeeba

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Posted 18 November 2014 - 03:32

After completing a quest, sometimes there is a choice for a reward. You can choose one or "decide later." I clicked decide later and now I'm not sure how to actually collect the reward. Please help.

#15 Spirit



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Posted 18 November 2014 - 10:08

After completing a quest, sometimes there is a choice for a reward. You can choose one or "decide later." I clicked decide later and now I'm not sure how to actually collect the reward. Please help.


I believe you have to log-out and back in and it'll ask you again.


Hope this helps. :)

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Posted 04 February 2016 - 02:42

If there is any suggestions or any info I might be missing, let me know! Might revamp the post a little bit... get it more organized and updated.




Just did some reorganization.. for now. It should be more easier to understand... without having not so important info in the middle of it.

  • Added mention of holiday event quests
  • Added mention of "Choose Later" function in Reward Interface
  • Added more clarity to certain sections where it wasn't as clear.
  • Changed title of post to something simple to read.

Edited by Spirit, 04 February 2016 - 03:37.

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Posted 27 May 2017 - 07:11

I was wondering if you sold a quest item or destroyed it and needed it for  quest and couldn't get it anywhere else can you reset the quest?

#18 Kendiosa



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Posted 27 May 2017 - 07:22

I was wondering if you sold a quest item or destroyed it and needed it for quest and couldn't get it anywhere else can you reset the quest?

You can return to whoever gave you the item and get another.

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Posted 21 June 2020 - 16:26

Please help,

When you finish a quest and you have to choose between 2 items as your reward, but you choose the option to " to choose later " how do you go and choose your reward later on?   I found the answer, I must have skimmed over it when  I was reading  ;)

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